Thursday, September 30, 2010

Xanga Post 22: Closed vs. Open

7.17.2006 __monday____
Last night, I had such a lucid dream...! I knew I was dreaming, and I could restart whenever I wanted to. I was in a white building (it said "golf" on the entrance. ... haha) with some friends. It's like I was giving them a hidden tour, and I was their guide to travelling into a different world.. We went into rooms until we were so far into the building that nobody could find us. I remember walking down a white hallway and opening a white door to reveal a room where everything defies gravity. There was a ledge we walked on in the room, leading to the left, to another door. Then another hallway.. turn right, go through the door. Make another right, open the door hidden to your left. Go straight across the room and through that door. One more left turn, and we were there. But where were we? Everytime we walked through the door, I always thought of something I forgot to do, and so I started the dream over again. Then I could feel myself waking up, and I couldn't keep myself asleep. I did wake up, but then I made myself fall asleep again. Still, I didn't get to see what was at the end (if that was the end).

I used to try to remember how I moved through spaces in my dreams. As if I could recreate them again. I don't even remember what the place looked like, anymore. At least, not right now. Maybe in a few years it'll come to me....

I know better, now. I've learned since then that there's so much more to pay attention to than simply where I go.

But it's interesting to note the circulation path that can be mapped, based on my description. I could have easily dreamt of an overlapping path that leads to different rooms instead of the same room, creating a nonsensical, impossible setting. I could have travelled up or down stairs, taken an elevator and created an entire other level to explore.
When I dreamt this, I was all too aware of the places I wasn't experiencing. There were doors that I skipped. There were too many walls. There were so many closed spaces. Everything was seemingly private, hidden, or off limits.

There weren't even any windows. I have no idea what the outside world looked like.

In my own dream, I felt somewhat......unwelcome. But that's what happens when everything is hidden from view, leaving one surrounded by walls, floors, and ceilings. Virtually, the structure becomes a labyrinth.
Thus, open floor plans and windows are often necessary to encourage a good, healthy, welcoming atmosphere.

It was quite an adventure.

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