Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Drafts that I'd typed up in my phone upon remembering dreams....
From oldest to most recent:

  • Got on a bus, missed something, went back, music in a sort of open mall. Think shopping village in Milan. Music by Hanson (not a real song). Almost got stuck on the bus. Man talks to me.
  • Eagles atop tree. Rome group. Eric leaves. Steph pins up maps and they look like dancers. Sleep paralysis -- mom by the bed.
  • Field trip, small class. Bright, crisp day, early spring. Old neighborhood, young people. Old, scary church closed. Surrounded by old, marble walls. Enter, find entrance -- church is now a home. Doorknob is a knocker. Inside, just as dirty, leaves everywhere, paint chipping, see someone, run out, landscape has changed but I figure it out, hop the wall, run through bushes, bleeding, grab friends and go.
  • Complete AR Lab. Solid masses (stone) with dramatic inset windows. And vice versa (glass around stone cubes) -- interaction on all levels, even street. Gorgeous. Sketch it.
  • At a party, random placement of chairs. Dark lighting, Telepopmusik, sipping beer. Steph sits down in a chair across from me. "I thought you went home for the weekend?" "I did, dumbass." Leans in closer, music stops. "I'm not really here." Don't know how to respond.
  • Back at old house, looking for clothes in the closet. Haven't seen these in years, and nothing fits. Fix the bed. Fight with Matt. Lots of screaming, furious crying. But I can't get through to him.
  • Riding bikes around near home, lift bike onto blue porch, trespass, tell Matt I do this all the time... he goes around to the front of the house, I continue to the back. Wait for him there. Wake up.