Thursday, January 19, 2012


I couldn't sleep.... but I was tired.
Thoughts that went through my head:

Lay down with the lights off. Stare into the darkness until you can see the room around you. Then close your eyes and imagine you still see everything. Now close your "eyes." Can't do it? Isn't that annoying?

Place your hand on something and stare at it, unmoving. Think about everything that your skin is coming into contact with......and what it would feel like to slide your fingers across it. Reach for your mouse/touchpad without moving your hand. Don't actually do it, just imagine it.

Or, imagine for a minute that we're not really moving our bodies. Ever. And that the world as we know it is actually just a plane of "reality" conforming to our bodies. So that every part of us is always completely surrounded by this material of folded reality.

And suppose that if we discover a way to manipulate reality in a different way than we already do (or is it reality that manipulates us?), we come up with a way to traverse oceans and lands in moments instead of hours?

Listen to the air coming out of the vent. What note is that? An A? G? D? It could be any of them, couldn't it? It's like listening to a song with some other noise distorting your sense of hearing, and you end up thinking that song is on a different key. Or a different octave.

There's the brain and all its complexities...
And then there's the mind, which can control the brain.
What do we know about it?