Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rewind, Again

I've given myself an assignment.
Over spring break, while I'm recovering from the stress of schoolwork... I'll delve into my memory for true architectural dreams. That's the point of this blog after all, isn't it?

Sketches. Diagrams. I'm excited to start.

I know that nothing I draw will ever come close to what I've seen in my imagination. The mind is a wondrous thing that I'll never understand. But I like to think that if I can figure out these floor plans, sections, and elevations, and begin to stitch these dream worlds together -- because I've seen borders of dreams intertwine with new and old ones -- I like to think that if I can do that... then that is the equivalent of me figuring myself out.

What scares me is what kind of conclusion I would come to. What if things DO make sense after I try to reconstruct them? It seems logical to me that they should be ridiculous.
They should be nonsensical. Why should I adhere to the laws of physics of this world when I dream? I don't need to.

So I think I want things to make sense.
But how true is that? If you could analyze yourself and come to a conclusion about what kind of a person you are -- that there was absolutely no doubt about it -- would you want to know?
Suppose you don't agree with what you discover, but you can't change.

These better not make sense at all.

Another concern of mine is that since I didn't draw these in detail right after dreaming them....how accurate will they be? To you, they're as accurate as anything else because they'd be the first time you see them. But for me, I.... I don't know if I could tell.
It's like "fixing" memories over the years.

But I knew this was going to happen. That's why I began writing them down so many years ago.

So, anyway.
One week! Then it begins.