Saturday, October 16, 2010

Xanga Post 24: Paintings and Sketches

11.7.2006 __tuesday____
EW. I just got one of my random "dream flashes." This one was in black and white. I dreamt I was on some rocky shore/cliff. It was cloudy, the waves were getting violent, and the shore I was on was more like a small peninsula of only rocks. I remember the water was splashing on the rocks, and it hit my face as I walked along in a white dress... I remember it was freezing, but I couldn't feel a thing in the dream. While I was walking around and seeing my surroundings (nothing at all except the waves and the sky around the shore, blending into the horizon), I was fully aware I was dreaming. ...In my dream, I understood I was in a painting..! Weird.

I don't remember this one. Thank God I wrote it down.

I'm reminded of another dream that I want to tell you about. I'm not sure when I dreamt it (probably about 2 years ago at this point), and I'm not sure if I wrote it down anywhere...

It started out as a white nothing. An infinite something.
Then, I saw this diagonal line being drawn from the middle of the void to the top right. Then a line dropped down from the top. The angle that was formed by the two lines began to take on a toned characteristic.

A few more lines appeared here and there; shading followed...
Then all these lines (which began to depict the back of a girl as she looked at a book) began to grow closer together, folding this picture in on itself.
And then they crossed each other and the picture flipped. Except it didn't.
My view changed, although the lines remained the same. No longer was this a 2-dimensional drawing that I was looking at; it was now a 3-dimensional sketch. I saw the girl's face, faintly. It was supposed to be me.

The rest of the dream was much of the same. I basically watched a picture being sketched out in my mind. It was beautiful the way it worked out, focusing on certain details and zooming out to view the broader picture at other times. Soon, a room was formed around me....

And then the "paper" was crumpled up and I was left in darkness for the remaining minutes/hours I was asleep. It seemed like seconds.

Do you ever look at paintings or sketches (not photographs) and try to put yourself in them? What happens once you walk past the border of the canvas, or out of the page? Is there a depth that you can traverse?

And is the sky made of blue and white paint?
.......Can you smell the graphite on the ground?.....