Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the tide

This week sucks.
That's really all I need to say about my life; it's otherwise unimportant to dream updates.


I dreamt of a tidal wave. I thought of it as being about 40 feet high, but it was probably closer to twice that. It rose and fell at a safe enough distance that none of the buildings were obliterated, but it cause a major spike in the water level coming in to shore...somehow.
I was on the boardwalk (made of perfectly clean glass), talking with a friend's late father, when I got distracted by the rising tide. I left him, swung my legs over the glass wall, and climbed up onto a taller glass wall that extended high above the boardwalk, as if it was a barrier between the land and sea... I sat on top of it and panicked as the water rose and rose and rose.... until it reached the brim and overflowed.
"Run," I yelled at everyone. I ran, too.

I ran into another dream when I found a friend. I tried to tell her about the tidal wave that I imagined, but she wasn't listening very well.