Friday, February 5, 2010

Zombie Apocalypse: Part III

I was sure that the four of us were the only humans left in the city from the way that the streets were abandoned and splattered with blood. The streets were quiet, and the shadows and anything that obstructed my view scared me. But I couldn't let it show.

We were the only humans around, or so I thought. We were on the other side of the city, near the edge. I was hoping we would be able to get out and find a safe haven somewhere past the outskirts of the city.

Okay, so I admit it. I don't feel like writing this anymore.
This isn't even halfway through it.
But I think I got the most important part down, anyway. The beginning was vivid. The middle had its moments. The end was just... random as hell.

So I'll just update my draft texts in my phone and sort of elaborate from there.

Draft 1: Down an alley with "pen gun," go first, shoot zombies in the dark, eventually meet up with scouts from refugee camp. We stay in the camp, I don't fall asleep because I remember something is supposed to happen. I know a woman is going to kill herself by eating something. We leave early, sneak away from camp, try to find the exit. Trapped, mob of the camp with guns, against leaders of the camp. They want to leave too -- they leaders wouldn't protect them and they'd all die. We sneak past the mob, I hide from brother of the woman. Later on, captured. Go through test: white, white, and blue; after the third blue it is what....white. I'm marked as mentally unstable or something
Draft 2: Go up the steps, see Mary in the same line as me. Not criminals, just stupid, apparently. We're in prison. Somehow, I go down to the basement to meet with someone who works with metal. To help fix our weapons. Later, I go back up to my room -- Joey is there with someone else, we all stay there for the night. Don't fall asleep. We start writing things on the walls -- warnings of the zombie apocalypse. Then we hear scratching at the door. Go through the window, run and hide
Draft 3: Eventually end up at someone's house, someone rich. Hospitable, but I don't fully trust them. I'm with a girl, forget who. After a while, we trick the woman and her husband, steal food while I ruin their gardens and kill their livestock...the girl goes ahead, leaves me behind. I meet up with the woman we were tricking. I'm on her side now? Still don't trust her. She tells me to drive, I go over other cars. Hard to steer. She changed the car so I could easily get shot. One guy tries to kill me, she shoots him in the stomach, then the face. I get out of the car, see people shooting themselves in the head. Red or blue. End up on a unicycle, need a better one. Leave side street, go to Saturn Place, see the Mad Hatter. He comes up, slowly. Don't trust him. But he starts singing. Apparently, this was practiced. I don't remember it. He starts dancing with me, I'm in awe because he's suddenly Johnny Depp. He stops and says, "Don't eat shit."
Draft 4: I crack up. Amanda Palmer gets up even though I thought she was dead. We form a new team......and then I woke up.

You can see how my brain gets tired of creating such a cool story -- it just gives up and does things like tell me not to eat shit.

I wasn't even through the first draft... this would've taken forever lol

Draft 1
I made it to another town, but was arrested (for my own protection?) and was brought to some huge building (it looked like a school) that had been converted into a prison/mental institution/refuge. Basically, everyone who wasn't a zombie was brought to one place and put in separate areas for the safety of others.
In order for them to figure out who goes where, a test is given to each person in which you have to answer by choosing colors. Apparently, when I chose white, it was decided that I was crazy. I was put in line with mentally unstable people (probably all paranoid from the events that'd been happening).
I was perfectly sane. I was separated from my group and never saw them again. Crap.

Draft 2
While I was standing in a slow-moving line on a dark stairwell, I looked over some people and saw Mary. I was so happy that I saw someone I recognized, someone I went to school with. She was alive. And like me, she didn't seem mentally unstable at all. I had to stay with her.
Before I could catch her attention, I was hit by a police officer for holding up the line. He insulted me and all the others because hey, since we're all crazy, we're not gonna do anything in retaliation.
I found some other sane people in the mental institution (that test was a big fail, but so was everything else about this place); we all stuck together. Unfortunately, I didn't see Mary again.
One night, while the guards were asleep and my newfound friends and I were preparing to run away, I led them down to the basement because I'd heard of a man who helped escapees.
Yes. We reached that level in the video game where you get new weapons and armor and medical supplies and all that.

(to be continued, because I know you want an update and I might as well post what I have, because I've had this as a draft for days)

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