Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Endeavor

I'm currently busy with schoolwork (as usual), but when I finally finish summarizing this zombie apocalypse dream and this project is finished, I have decided to do something I've always meant to do:

collect all of my dreams in one place.
And since this blog now exists, that "one place" is here.

That's right --

by the time spring break begins, I will sit myself down and begin transferring all of my dreams from all over the place to this blog.

That includes my two Xanga accounts (one was deleted, so I created a new one -- later on, I asked to have my first one restored because I had it for years and couldn't bear to lose all that I'd done), my Facebook notes, my Myspace entries, AND the dreams written down in my 14 journals. My collection was begun in elementary school.

That's quite a goal.
I know it'll take some time, and I'll get incredibly backed up on my current dreams.... but I'll just keep adding all of my dreams chronologically. Eventually, I'll catch up to the present time.
Most of it is copying and pasting from one to another, adding tags, and editing here and there.
The real challenge comes in placing them in chronological order, and typing up my written dreams.

Do you think I can do it?


  1. I think you can do it!

  2. You can do anything you set your mind to!

    But in all seriousness, yes, I think you can and should do it! I am excited for it.