Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Real update soon

I promise.

I've just been busy with schoolwork and other things.
I finished my first project of the semester, and I'm hoping I got a good grade on it. I think I did, but you never know.
There's a lot of reading I have to do for my other classes. I've been trying to catch up on sleep since last Wednesday, too. I'm not quite there yet, but I think I might just feel that way because
my various muscle aches are back yet again.

I don't know what to do about it (and neither does Student Health Services, but I'm really not surprised). They said that if I don't feel better or if it gets worse during the week, that I should go back and they'll try to get a neurologist to come in.
I'm better off just going home if I'm going to see a specialist.
So I might have to do that this weekend. It depends on how much worse it gets.
Say a prayer for me, please. So that I will know what's going on inside my body, or so that it will stop altogether (preferably, that).... Because right now, studying architecture seems like the worst decision I have ever made, even though I love the subject. It's just that the late nights, work load, and general intensity of it haven't been physically treating my body well. And with these symptoms that have been coming and going, things just get worse.

But anyway!
Don't worry, I haven't forgotten my zombie apocalypse dream from, what, 2 weeks ago (it's saved as several text message drafts in my phone).
And I'm not backed up on dreams I have to update. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to remember any of my dreams in full since then. I've been waking up with a feeling for the past couple of weeks, or with a sense of scenery (ex. - outdoors in the daytime, in a house with a lot of people I know). Other than that, I can't say much.

I just felt like you might want some kind of update instead of being greeted by "Zombie Apocalypse: Part II" -- I saw that the visitor count has been going up, which makes me happy. People are reading this stuff, yay!

Keep checking back here, I'm really trying to dedicate time to update this blog when I can :)


  1. HEY.

    I found out some VITAL INFORMATION in Anatomy class today.

    We were talking about the muscles on the skull and jaw muscles and whatnot, and the professor said that humans have really weak jaws and aren't made to run their prey down and kill them while biting into them. So I asked what about zombies, and he said, no, no zombies; they don't have the jaw strength.

    This is great, because this means that when the zombie apocalypse comes, they will be totally defenseless and we can destroy that threat. HOORAY FOR SCIENCE PREPARING US FOR THE FUTURE!

  2. Yay for science!

    Although, maybe zombies won't have to bite while running...so even though they might have weak jaws, they can just chase us, knock us down, and THEN bite us.


    Still, now I know there's a greater chance for survival if that ever happens!