Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the tide

This week sucks.
That's really all I need to say about my life; it's otherwise unimportant to dream updates.


I dreamt of a tidal wave. I thought of it as being about 40 feet high, but it was probably closer to twice that. It rose and fell at a safe enough distance that none of the buildings were obliterated, but it cause a major spike in the water level coming in to shore...somehow.
I was on the boardwalk (made of perfectly clean glass), talking with a friend's late father, when I got distracted by the rising tide. I left him, swung my legs over the glass wall, and climbed up onto a taller glass wall that extended high above the boardwalk, as if it was a barrier between the land and sea... I sat on top of it and panicked as the water rose and rose and rose.... until it reached the brim and overflowed.
"Run," I yelled at everyone. I ran, too.

I ran into another dream when I found a friend. I tried to tell her about the tidal wave that I imagined, but she wasn't listening very well.


  1. To me the TIDAL WAVE signifies something that threatens to overwhelm. I see the person you were talking to as an aspect of yourself or someone you know in waking life, and you were warning self or this person of the impending situation (aka the tidal wave).

    Did you feel the dream was symbolic? Did it seem to portend your emotions at that time, because water can signify the emotions.

    Interesting dreams you have.

  2. I do find this particular dream to be symbolic of myself. The tidal wave is definitely a sign of something overwhelming. However, I don't quite find it to be a threat -- while my entry says that I ran away from it (and I did), I didn't mention how it made me feel.
    Perhaps I should write another entry interpreting this specific dream, especially since I'm a big believer in how emotions play into things.

  3. You're welcome! And thank you for sharing. I think it would be a great idea to post an interpretation, especially if you later find the dream to be precognitive in some way.

    I posted two of your dreams (with links back to this blog) and three additional links to your dreams on Missionquest Forum's International Dream Journal thread. Hope you don't mind.

    I really think your dreams are superb. Where's your +1 button? Did you decide not to use it? Isn't it something how folks will read a post but won't take the time to +1 or click on a Reaction? Frustrating. Note that I clicked. Bye!