Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mountain Gem

About a month ago, I had a vivid dream of a massive, heavy building that rose out of the earth.
If seen from the front, it looks like a building.
If seen from the back, it looks like it's part of the mountain on which it stood.

September 10, 2010 __friday____
Me:last night i dreamt of a student life center that was designed to cut into a hill.
Me:it was more like a small mountain
Me:most of the exposed part of the building was made of glass
Me:there were at least 2 floors to it
Me:if you looked at the mountain from far away and saw the building, it looked as if it was a diamond set in jewelry
Me:it was lodged in the mountain, fully grounded and half buried beneath the earth
Matt:I can actually picture that one pretty well :)
Me:good, i'm really glad
Me:it was beautiful
Me:the floors were designed to blend into the mountain, they were dark brown or gray in color
Me:the second floor (study rooms) became the awning of some shops or stores on the first floor
Me:the main area of the building, down on the first floor, was exposed and set at a double height ceiling
Me:so that the second floor looked more like a shelf
Me:there may have even been a third floor designed similarly
and looking from the outside, it looked like the glass facade was there simply to house the shelves carved out of the mountainside
Matt::) :)
Me:at one point in my dream when i was walking around on the second floor looking out, i became lucid and thought, "oh my god, i dreamt this?"
Me:but then i fell back into the story that played out..

I remember walking on the second floor of the building, right beside the glass curtain wall that stretched from the floor to the ceiling and reached for each side wall of rock.
I walked away from the window towards the back area (which was blanketed underneath the mountainside). There, further separated into little nooks by bookshelves and other furniture, was a fully furnished and cozy-looking study area. Despite the open floor plan of the entire building and the fact that it was a student life center, the carpeted study was placed in a corner that was away from more distracting noise levels.
Directly beneath me were shops and small cafes that the students could access. In the middle of the building, greeting guests as they walked in through the entrance, was an information desk.
There were at least two entrances: the entrance on the main floor, and one on the second floor. I came in through the second floor entrance, which was more like a big balcony.......
The rest of the program can be figured out based on what I dreamt.... I should sketch it out to see if it makes sense.

Here is what it looked like from the outside.
There may be details missing. Perhaps if I drew it right when I woke up (instead of waiting a month and a half to do so), it would be different. But that is the form that I remember. From another angle, you can see more of what's inside. Meaning, more sketches are to come.

As I stood inside the building in my dream and I looked outside, I could see a town in the valley not far away....
That's when I became lucid and considered staying still for the rest of the dream just to hear my imagination create sounds based on walls and materials that I made up. Yet in these moments, rather than stay lucid and risk waking up, I find myself willingly choose to fall back into the story of the dream.

I don't remember what I did for the rest of the time I was there. Only the gem remains in my mind.

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