Monday, January 18, 2010

Zombie Apocalypse: Part I

If there's any dream I want you to read about, it's my zombie apocalypse dreams. They're insanely good!
And while they can be like any of my other dreams where things don't make sense, a lot of these scenarios are actually likely to happen if there was such a thing to occur (ex. - refugee camps, people praying, people deserting or betraying others, being paranoid).

Not only that, but this dream is different because I dreamt it more than once. I didn't realize it until certain things happened (I knew what to do in some instances last night because I remembered I did the wrong thing when I dreamt it before, and died). I'll have to interject some comments from my previous dreams for it to make sense.

I wrote my own dream last night, almost literally.
That doesn't make sense to you right now.
Just keep reading. :)

It started at nighttime. I was with a handful of other people, most of them older than me by a year or two. None of them wanted to go first, so I quietly led the way down the dark alley. I had a weapon, but this is the part that would never work in real life: I had a Micron pen (best kind there is, btw) and used it as a sort of gun.
I took the cap off and held it in my left hand, with my thumb over the metal clip (the trigger -- it was like a button). I held the pen itself in my right hand, with the pentip facing outward (the barrel). Even in my dream, I thought it was odd, and I sometimes confused the two parts and had trouble with coordination. But it worked out fine.

So there we were, quietly inching our way down the alley. I kept my eye on all the dark shadows and corners and watched bulky dumpsters, waiting for the lurking shapes to emerge. I didn't know how quick they were.
Not too quick, thankfully. They weren't comically slow, but they weren't faster than a normal person would jog.
I shot left and right, while others behind me did the same, aiming far ahead and behind. We were trying to get to the other end of the alley that led to a brighter street.
Nothing too interesting happened other than that, in this part. We reached the end of the alley. But when I looked around, I only saw three more people with me. There were definitely more than that when we started out. I looked back into the shadows, but couldn't see anything. I heard what I imagined was wrestling -- shuffling, occasional grunts...and I wanted to go back, while we still had time.

"Come on!" someone said impatiently, "We have to keep moving. If they're okay and they get out, they know where to go."
I turned around to see that we found a scouting team for the refugee camp that we were trying to get to. There were several other camps along the outskirts of the city, hidden in the woods. Not the best spot for them, but all right.
This was one of those camps.
I heard a young man next to me point out that most of the refugees there were black, and he told me he never grew up learning his native language. He tried to practice it as we walked towards the camp. I could hear the entire camp praying together and singing something about how "God is good."

After that, the people in my group went to sleep. I didn't.

Everyone was cramped side-by-side -- there were more than they could handle. There was one plain building with one floor, which was easily filled. Those who stayed there were lucky to have walls around them. Everyone else, including myself, was given a spot under one big canopy made of wood. There were two levels where people slept, but they were so close to each other that the only way to get to your spot on the bottom level was to crawl on your hands and knees. It was a very claustrophobc space -- if you were in the middle, there was no way you would be able to get out before everyone else moved.

I noticed that and started thinking about what might happen if...

But then I got deja vu. In a dream.

I fell asleep.
I woke up in the camp to hear people screaming. Mixed with those sounds were the gutteral shouts of those that we'd been trying to avoid.
I was in the middle on the lower level. All around me, peope were being dragged out by bloody hands. I tried to fight, but.....

[so the script this time told me to stay nearer to the edge on the second level.]

Something else in the back of my mind told me that this was also unsafe.
I was lying down next to a woman who I thought was asleep.
"It's almost time to leave," I reminded myself. The sky was beginning to lighten.

[I saw, in the script in my head, that she wasn't really sleeping, and that I would realize it later.
She didn't want to do this anymore, she decided. So she wrote a letter and kept it in her pocket. When everyone went to sleep, she stayed up and ate something that put her to sleep forever. Her brother would see her in the morning but wouldn't be able to wake her up.]

I quietly crawled away from the sleeping refugees and woke up my companions. They all looked around them and saw that the sun was just barely beginning to rise, and nobody else was up yet. But they listened to me and we began to leave the camp.

I'll have to continue this later. If I try to write this all in one sitting, it'll take all day.
More updates to come!

PS -- This is considered the first scene, out of...five or six. Don't worry, I jotted it all down this morning so I won't forget it :)


  1. So I'm excited to see how this unfolds but I have one complaint. You said that hidden in the woods on the outskirts of a city is a bad place for a camp, but it's actually the best place. Anywhere in a densely populated city would be swarming with zombies, but hidden in the woods makes it a safe place. Hard to travel through and away from the curious eyes of zombies and the deadly view of roving maniacs.

  2. I thought someone (namely, you) might have an issue with that.
    It could be a good place, yeah. But it's not fortified or protected by anything other than trees. Plus, as you'll see in my next post, you'll see that we weren't far enough into the woods for it to work. :)
    Now, if it was hidden deep in the woods AND fully enclosed....