Saturday, January 16, 2010


That's what I remember seeing most in my dream, a couple of nights before coming back to school.
I was looking at the map of another university I transferred to. My first class was supposed to be at 9 am in Lonnogan Hall, which was in the dead center of campus. And it really did look dead in the center, on the map. With no indication of trees or bushes or any other landscape architecture, Lonnogan stood on its own, surrounded by neighboring buildings erected at an awkward distance.
So you'd think it was easy to find.

Not so!

I "woke up" in my new dorm. I think I had a roommate, but I didn't really talk with her that much. I did ask her where to go, and she pointed me in a general direction before she headed off to her own class. I closed the door behind me with a campus map in hand and thought it was strange that there were dorms right next to the gym. Not even next to the gym, but part of it:
When you leave your room, you enter the dorm hallway. If you go through a door on the other side of the hall, it leads right into a basketball court. o_O

I was wandering all around campus trying to find this stupid building that couldn't possibly be hidden by anything. It looked like it was going to rain, and I didn't have an umbrella with me.
At one point, I found Jenn walking to class, so I stayed with her and tried to find my way with her help. I ended up going to her class for a while before I realized her schedule was different than mine, so I tried to walk out. But the door was heavy and made from broken white picket fences put together, so I had to awkwardly push my way out. I fell on the floor on the other side.

Then I was outside again. All the plants were bare in the late autumn weather. I saw someone walking in the distance, so I went up to him. He reminded me of Joe, but his name was something like Brandon. He also tried to help me, but he was on his way to the cafeteria. I saw that it was an outdoor kind of caf, with picnic tables and one line leading to all the food. Their system sucked. I hated the school already.

It was the first day of classes and I'd already missed my first one because I couldn't find my way around.
And THEN I realized that I wasn't even following my own schedule. It was like a made-up roster to use as an example for orientation or something.
Because I definitely wasn't in any performing arts major.

And then I looked at the map again and saw some of the other buildings were
LOL Hall
WTF Hall
XYZ Hall

So I put down the map that I held in front of my face and said, "This is stupid."
And then I woke up and said, "That was stupid."

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