Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Numbers and colors

It's been a while since my last post.
I've been dreaming, but none have been interesting enough for me to share with you. Mostly, I've been having strange flashback dreams of Rome (a street performer appeared in my dream at some point last night, and I questioned him about why he was here instead of in Italy).

The strangest dreams have been these:

1. W141 was inscribed on a key to a room. I was with a group of people outside a hotel/apartment/hostel, and we were getting ready to go on a trip. Matt gave me the key when I told him I forgot something in the room. While everyone waited for me, I ran back inside, slid on the slippery floors, and ended up going in circles around the core of the building (the hallways formed a square in plan, and the room I was looking for was on the east side). Every time I managed to fall, I get up and find myself in a hallway surrounded by mirror walls and frosted glass doors. But when I made my way around the corner, it was back to normal.
I found the room, picked up another set of keys on a table, and ran back outside. Nobody was there anymore. I went off on my own to find a tow truck and spy on someone.... I felt very uncomfortable and uneasy... and woke up with a start when a thunderclap sounded outside my bedroom. I don't know what scared me so much, because it's not a creepy dream, but I didn't want to fall back asleep.

2. I was at a wedding. I was the only one wearing a red gown. Everyone was playing a game during the reception in a beautiful garden (vines and trees everywhere, dark green grass, fancy tables and chairs scattered around on the different terrace levels). I passed the ball to the bride and groom, knocking them over, and ran away. I went to the bathroom (which turned out to be a couple of stalls still somewhat out in the open but in a secluded, tucked-away area) and stood on top of the toilet when I saw a strange man (also wearing red) trying to peek underneath the door.

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