Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Last night, I texted Matt in my sleep.

Me: Does H113 or H1-13 mean anything?
Matt: Not that I know of. Why?
Me: *no reply because I was asleep*
Matt: Babe?
Me: *sleeping*

I remember losing consciousness and suddenly my mind was filled with my voice repeating, "H one thirteen, H one thirteen, one thirteen, 113, H113 ---"
Does H113 or H1-13 mean anything...?
Evidently, I grabbed my phone and sent out a message just before 1 am.

Well, I did a little research after that; barely any was needed.

Ever heard of Strong's Concordance? Me neither, until tonight.
It was created by -- you guessed it -- a man by that name, James Strong. He basically traced every word in the King James Bible back to its original text and language. So if you're reading the Bible and need/want to know a specific word, find your way to another phrase, understand how it was translated a certain way in a passage, and so on.... you use that as a reference. It's pretty much a thesaurus.
It's actually called Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. And it is quite exhaustive, as there are 8674 entries in the Hebrew version and 5624 in Greek (according to this website). That's right, guys, he did it twice in different languages.

This is what people did for fun in those days.

(But it's really quite interesting, I'd like to look at it more.)

Well....can you guess where I'm going with this?
H = Hebrew
113 = the number in Strong's Hebrew Lexicon.

H113 - 'adown
1. reference to men
- lord, master, king
2. reference to God
- Adonai (Yahweh)

Do you think it's a stretch?
I don't know, but it's the second result that came up in Google. And, strikingly, it's at the top of the list when I search with the hyphen included.

I once had a dream a few years ago whose details are now all muddled up and lost in my memory. All I remember was that I was speaking some strange language that flowed naturally. There were a lot of guttural pronunciations and not enough r's, and the only word I woke up remembering was Adonai. At that time, I was just barely in high school and didn't know the word (or maybe I did and it just didn't stick). So I did the same thing that I did this time: spelled out what I heard, and did some homework. And my mind was blown. Adonai's a real word? And it's spelled that way? It was like that time in sixth grade when I thought I made up the name Zagari only to find out it's real and from Persia or somewhere like that. I wrote an entry about the dream in my Xanga (back when that was super cool and I wrote all the time)... but I can't seem to find it.

Apparently I can speak Hebrew and channel something while I'm dreaming.
And I can text about Strong's Concordance in my sleep.
What can you do?


  1. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog about dreams. I am also a Filipino. :) I found your blog very interesting. I am having a goosebumps I don't know why.

    I am so amazed how you work in alpha or theta state of your mind. By the way, who is Matt?

    Will keep visiting...

  2. Actually, I have heard of Strong's Concordance. I think I used to own a copy, but not sure what happened to it. I probably tossed it in the garbage.

    I noticed that in a later dream it was the letter-number combination of W141. Do you often dream of letter and number combinations? If so, I wonder if they are associated with some past life memory that's trying to surface?

  3. I'm actually surprised that I *hadn't* heard of Strong's Concordance beforehand. But you learn something new every day, so....

    You know, I've wondered the same thing about things I've read in dreams. I thought it absurd, and stopped seeing it that way. Nowadays, I tell myself that I probably saw something during the day that was jumbled up in the dream. I do hope it's something deeper than that, though. Who knows? Maybe you're right. It's nice to imagine and come up with different theories. :)

    For now, I can't think of what W141 might mean.