Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Xanga Post 19: Listlessness

12.4.2005 __sunday____
In my dream a few days ago, I was walking somewhere, barefoot. And when I looked at the soles of my feet, I saw small worms that were going into my skin, like parasites. These are the same kind of worms that are in the river in my other dream.

Do you ever wake up feeling like you've missed something? Missed something, or forgotten about it?
It's like a backwards deja vu....

All too often, I wake up feeling like I left some part of myself behind. Sometimes, I go through an entire day (or week) feeling listless. Today was one of those days; I've been zoning out a lot.

More about this particular dream, though:
It felt so gross when I dreamt it. I remember seeing my skin being stretched, or folding around the edges where the worms were biting into me. I felt like everywhere I walked, I left a mark of myself being consumed by these parasites.

My brain likes to take metaphors, sayings, or analogies and manifest them into "physical" things.

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