Thursday, January 7, 2010

playing catch-up

I waited too long to update again. Big mistake, because now I won't remember these dreams quite as vividly until about a year later, when something I see in passing randomly triggers it as a memory.

But here's what I recall. It's time to forget details and just type out the main points, simply for the sake of having them recorded now.

I was in a brightly-lit hall with a high ceiling and intricately-designed walls painted an off-white color, adorned with delicate, puce-painted moldings and

too much.

Basically, this corridor was old (but not in need of renovation) and had a history. I was the guardian. Some of the walls were mirrors, so I could see around corners and columns. And yes, I fought people.
The architecture of this place spoke of the bond of a certain community in how everything was held together (this dream is a perfect example of why I created this blog in the first place -- if only I remembered everything...).
Someone wanted to demolish it and build something else.
It was my job to protect the hall.

I dreamt that Matt proposed to me.
I was still on vacation, so I wasn't home -- in my dream, he came to the house I was staying in (in fact, the room I was staying in), and got down on one knee.
He told me he knew that we shouldn't be doing this just yet, but he couldn't help himself anymore. It'd been three years.
And I told him he was right -- we weren't ready yet.
But I said yes, and it felt real. Including the feeling that I wanted to tell everyone in the world and make them happy for and/or jealous of me.

Dream-mom wasn't that thrilled about it.

I met MUSE when I was sitting on the bleachers in the dark, watching some people run a sound check. They were sitting off to the side, so I went down to meet them.
I met MUSE.
And they were JERKS.
We talked for a while, Matt Bellamy gave me a hug (he didn't look like himself at all, but I understood that it was him), and then I started talking about how I've always loved their music since I heard them in 2005, and --- then Chris Wolstenholme turned his back to me and they stopped paying attention. They talked among themselves while I awkwardly stood outside of the circle, facing their backs.

I was in my old house. Everyone in my year at CUArch was out in the street -- I was looking out of my bedroom window and it looked like a block party was going on. I went outside to see some sort of class festival going on, which included a talent show that everyone was going to join. I looked around me and saw that everyone was wearing something nicer than me (casual dressy vs house clothes), so I went inside and tried to put together a suitable outfit.
It wasn't that easy, since I brought most of my good clothes to school, so it took me a long time.
I missed my turn in the talent show, and everyone moved on to go bowling.
That was a sucky dream. I guess my brain got lazy.

*and here, I draw a blank....I know I've dreamt some cool ones, but I can't remember them now. I didn't write them down/tweet about them/save it as a draft in my phone/tell Matt over AIM*

I was in my old house again.
This time, it was getting dark outside. I went inside and turned off the lights in the living room and rushed up the stairs because I never liked the dark as a child. I hated (still do) being the last to go upstairs and having to turn off the lights.
I went to my bedroom and saw that my sisters (younger, as if this was in the past) were gathered around the twin-sized bed, looking at an even younger boy who was sitting up in it.
He was telling us a list of names, first and last, and went through stories like he was reading definitions.
I managed to recall some of them...
Martin Gray died of old age while sitting at his dining room table.
Eleanor Smith -- I don't remember.
Elíse Elíse cracked her skull open when she fell off of a swing suspended by rope.
William ____ -- don't remember.

"There's someone here in the bed with me," the boy said. He didn't want to turn around.
It was obvious that there was no one behind him, because we were all standing in front of him.

Later on, I found myself in the cemetery. All the people I was told about were buried beneath me, their tombstones dark shades of gray, with rough edges and unpolished surfaces. There were some names I didn't recognize, but the ones I heard about were marked with blood on the tombstones. When I walked by a bare tree, I saw Elíse's grave next to it. It was unmarked until I blinked.
When I opened my eyes again, I saw a swing violently drop down from the tree. It swung back and hit the tombstone, leaving a generous amount of blood staining it, sliding down the rock and tracing the letters of her name.

I looked to my left and saw an old couple walking hand in hand, dressed all in black. The old woman wore a hat with a thin mesh net surrounding her head. Her husband walked with a cane.
They just left their own funeral and decided to go take a stroll around the cemetery before laying down to rest.
I looked to my right and saw a young man standing off in the distance with his head hanging low in mourning. As if he noticed I was watching him from far away, he lifted his head up suddenly and looked around until we made eye contact. Then he shifted his gaze to something past me and seemed to see the wandering ghosts of the old couple.
They noticed they'd been spotted. The boy knew them -- actually, he came from their funeral.
They disappeared behind a tree before he could react.

And then it was morning, and I was in my room.

Hmm.. I just noticed I named my last two updates "catch-up."

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